Ribeye Steak- Yes! PLEASE!!

Ribeye Steak- 100% grass-fed locally sourced beef

What’s better than a ribeye steak? Multiple ribeye steaks!!

Ribeye steak has an insane amount of flavor. Even if you aren’t America’s next Top Chef, you can simply simmer a ribeye with a simple ingredient (mushrooms anyone?) and you’re sure to impress.

Common cooking techniques for ribeye steaks include: grilling, pan broil/skillet and smoking.

Ribeye steaks are taken from the rib section, located under the front section of the backbone and used primarily for support. Ribeye and Prime Rib Roast are among the popular, flavorful cuts from the rib section.

Let’s face it, nothing satisfies quite like beef. So, when you are craving a big ol’ steak that’s rich, tender, juicy and gives you a choice of bone-in or boneless, the ribeye is what’s up!

So, don’t just daydream about it. Stop in the shop and buy some high-quality, delicious ribeye steaks from locally sourced 100% grass-fed beef today!