We are New Jersey’s premier source for 100% grass-fed and grass finished beef products, wupplied by our very out Simply Grazin’ Farms.

Going forward we will also be offering all natural, antibiotic free and hormone free, prime beef from other local producers. More to come on that soon… for now, below is a list of our current beef products and prices.

Bacon Burger$12.99/lb
Bavette/Flap Steak$17.99/lb
Beef Back Ribs$7.99/lb
Beef Kidney$5.99/lb
Bottom Round Roast$10.99/lb
Brisket (Untrimmed)$13.99/lb
Bristket (1st cut trimmed)$16.99/lb
Bristket (2nd cut trimmed)$14.99/lb
Charcoal Steak$18.99/lb
Chip Steak$13.99/lb
Chuck Denver$16.99/lb
Chuck Roast$12.99/lb
Chuck Steak$16.99/lb
Corned Beef$9.99/lb
Cubed Steak$12.99/lb
Dog Food$7.99/lb
Eye Round Roast$12.99/lb
Family Pack Burgers (16 ct)$8.99/lb
Family Pack Ground (5 lb or 10 lb)$8.99/lb
Filet Mignon$49.99/lb
Flank Steak$20.99/lb
Flat Iron Steak$18.99/lb
Ground Beef$10.99/lb
Hanger Steak$18.99/lb
Kabob Meat$12.99/lb
London Broil$11.99/lb
Marrow Bones$7.99/lb
Meatloaf- Homemade Italian Meatloaf (~3 lbs each)$11.99/lb
NY Strip Steak, Boneless$26.99/lb
Osso Buco$10.99/lb
Ox Tail$12.99/lb
Pastrami & Pastrami Ends$9.99/lb
Porterhouse Steak$24.99/lb
Rib Roast, Standing, Bone In$26.99/lb
Ribeye Steak, Bone In$27.99/lb
Ribeye Steak, Boneless$34.99/lb
Sausage- Beef$12.99/lb
SFM Burger$11.99/lb
Short Ribs, Bone In$14.99/lb
Short Ribs, Boneless$16.99/lb
Shoulder Roast$10.99/lb
Sirloin Steak$16.99/lb
Sirloin Tip/ Top Sirloin Roast$14.99/lb
Skirt Steak$19.99/lb
Soup Bones$5.99/lb
Stew Cubes$10.99/lb
Stir Fry$12.99/lb
T-Bone Steak$23.99/lb
Tenderloin Roast$40.99/lb
Top Blade Roast$16.99/lb
Top Round Roast$10.99/lb
Tri-Tip Steak$18.99/lb