We are New Jersey’s premier source for organic, 100% grass-fed and grass finished beef products.

Our meat supply comes FRESH from Simply Grazin’ farms where the cattle feed on organically managed fields without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Simply Grazin’ cattle are never fed grain – their hay is harvested all summer long and stored for the cattle’s consumption throughout the winter months.

Bacon Burgers$10.99/lb$9.99/lb
Bacon Wrapped Filets$24.99/lb$23.99/lb
Beef Cubes – Chuck$8.99/lb$7.99/lb
Bottom Round Roast$8.99/lb$7.99/lb
Chip Steak$11.99/lb$10.99/lb
Chuck Roast$9.99/lb$8.99/lb
Chuck Steak$9.99/lb$8.99/lb
Extra Lean Ground Beef$10.99/lb$9.99/lb
Eye Round Roast$10.99/lb$9.99/lb
Filet Mignon$24.99/lb$21.99/lb
Filet Tips$19.99/lb$18.99/lb
Flank Steak$17.99/lb$15.99/lb
Flat Iron Steak$14.99/lb$12.99/lb
Ground Beef$7.99/lb$6.99/lb
Ground Beef, Gourmet Blend$9.99/lb$8.99/lb
Hanger Steak$14.99/lb$13.99/lb
London Broil, Top Round$11.99/lb$10.99/lb
Mark’s Mix$12.99/lb$11.99/lb
Marrow Bones$5.99/lb$4.99/lb
Meatloaf Mix$9.99/lb$8.99/lb
NY Strip Steak, Boneless$22.99/lb$20.99/lb
Osso Buco$7.99/lb$5.99/lb
Ox Tail$9.99/lb$8.99/lb
Patties, Beef & Pork$7.99/lb$6.99/lb
Patties, Gourmet Blend$10.99/lb$9.99/lb
Patties, Ground Beef$8.49/lb$7.49/lb
Petite Filet$14.99/lb$12.99/lb
Porterhouse Steak$22.99/lb$20.99/lb
Rib Eye Steak, Boneless$22.99/lb$19.99/lb
Rib Roast, Bone In$19.99/lb$18.99/lb
Rib Steak, Bone IN$19.99/lb$18.99/lb
Short Ribs, Bone In$9.99/lb$8.99/lb
Sirloin Steak, Boneless$14.99/lb$13.99/lb
Sirloin Tip Roast$11.99/lb$10.99/lb
Skirt Steak$17.99/lb$15.99/lb
Soup Bones$3.99/lb$2.99/lb
Standing Rib Roast$19.99/lb$18.99/lb
Stir Fry$8.99/lb$7.99/lb
T-Bone Steak$20.99/lb$19.99/lb
Tenderloin Roast$23.99/lb$21.99/lb
Tomahawk Steak$28.99/lb$26.99/lb
Top Round Roast$9.99/lb$8.99/lb
Tri Tip$15.99/lb$14.99/lb