Ribeye Steak- Yes! PLEASE!!

Ribeye Steak- 100% grass-fed locally sourced beef

What’s better than a ribeye steak? Multiple ribeye steaks!! Ribeye steak has an insane amount of flavor. Even if you aren’t America’s next Top Chef, you can simply simmer a ribeye with a simple ingredient (mushrooms anyone?) and you’re sure to impress. Common cooking techniques for ribeye steaks include: grilling, pan broil/skillet and smoking. Ribeye steaks…

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White Kimchi

Fishtown Ferments- White Kimchi

NEW PRODUCT in store: Fishtown Ferments White Kimchi. For Fishtown Ferments, their approach is simple: sea salt, the best produce available, and lacto-fermentation the old-fashioned way. Milder than traditional kimchi without the fresno chili, White Kimchi still bursts with serious flavor. Pairs with eggs, rice, noodles, sandwiches, and salads. Fishtown Ferments White Kimchi -15oz jar……

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Know Your Farmer

pasture raised pork on SImply Grazin' farms

Our pork products come from Simply Grazin’ Farms. The Berkshire Pork and the heritage hogs they raise are the oldest breed of pork in existence today. The hogs are pastured on grass and eat a nutritious all-vegetarian diet (forage and feed). At Skillman Farm Market and Butcher Shop we love Simply Grazin’ Farms pork, which…

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