Smoked ham hocks

smoked ham hocks

Smoked ham hocks are a good source of protein, providing approximately 17 g per serving. Protein serves as a secondary source of fuel for your body and it also plays other critical roles in keeping your body functioning well. Check out a full list of our smoked meat products by clicking here.

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smokes meats at Skillman Farm Market and Butcher Shop

?? ??? ??? ???????? ?????? ???????? ~ ???? ?? ????? ~ such as Regular Bacon $13.25/lb, Black Pepper Bacon $13.25/lb, Ham Hocks at $7.99/lb, Bone-in Pork Chops at $13.49/lb and Boneless Pork Loin at $14.99/lb. If there is a meat you’d like us to smoke, please let us know, we’d be thrilled to do it…

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