White Kimchi

Fishtown Ferments- White Kimchi

NEW PRODUCT in store: Fishtown Ferments White Kimchi. For Fishtown Ferments, their approach is simple: sea salt, the best produce available, and lacto-fermentation the old-fashioned way. Milder than traditional kimchi without the fresno chili, White Kimchi still bursts with serious flavor. Pairs with eggs, rice, noodles, sandwiches, and salads. Fishtown Ferments White Kimchi -15oz jar……

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New Products

Starting on 7/29/20 we will have the following new products available for purchase: Apple Cider -Half Gals… $4.75 ea Amaranth Gluten Free Granola Bars… $3.89 ea Wild Kombucha – Elderberry 12oz… $3.59 ea Wild Kombucha – Mango Peach 12… $3.59 ea Fishtown Ferments White Kimchi -15oz… $11.99 ea Sunflower Oil/Full Flavor – 750ml… $9.25/bottle Maplehofe…

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