Valentine’s Day Steak Dinner

Valentine's Day Steak Dinner

For those of you who prefer a cozy night in for Valentine’s Day, we recommend cooking up a Skillman Farm Market and Butcher Shop 100% grass-fed beef steak for your Valentine’s Day dinner.

We can all agree, nothing says love like a well cooked steak! When not just any steak will do, count on us! We are your trusty local butcher with meat sourced locally from Simply Grazin’ farms. We are happy to help you make the best choice for your romantic meal.

We’ve got incredibly delicious steaks for every budget. With our farm fresh premium cuts of filet mignon, t-bone, NY strip, flat-iron, sirloin, ribeye, hanger, skirt, porterhouse, and tomahawk your Valentine’s Day dinner choices or endless.

What you can expect from our steak is a juicy, super flavorful, tender piece of meat. This is what beef is meant to taste like!

So, if you’re ready to swoon over steak, treat yourself and your special loved one(s) to a Valentine’s Day dinner of mouthwatering steak from Skillman Farm Market and Butcher Shop.

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