It’s time to try our Pasture Raised Chicken

Pasture raised chicken

What is it?
Unlike their cooped-up counterparts, these birds enjoy complete daytime access to the outdoors, allowing them to roam around (exercise! party!) and supplement their diet with foraged vegetation and insects.

How is it different?
With a pasture-raised chicken, it’s all about the flavor (we use the word chickeny). Want a better comparison? Think of an August heirloom tomato versus an out-of-season supermarket specimen. These birds generally weigh less than a typical Oven Stuffer Roaster, with less (but firmer) breast meat and larger, more muscular legs thanks to all that yard work.

How do I cook it?
Go ahead and roast it whole, or cut the bird into smaller parts and tailor your cooking method accordingly. Breasts can be cooked quickly for juicy meat and crisp skin, while legs and thighs, which have more of a chew to them (in a good way!), are great braised until fork-tender.

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