Our processed and smoked products are made from Simply Grazin' meats, in a certified organic, USDA inspected facility.  All products are made without sodium nitrate and any other antioxidants or preservatives.

Processed Products

All Beef Hot Dog $12.99/lb. $10.99/lb.
Bacon $10.99/lb. $9.99/lb.
Bacon Ends $6.99/lb. $4.99/lb.
Bologna $11.99/lb. $8.99/lb.
Ham Steak $10.99/lb. $8.99/lb.
Ham, Bone-In $9.49/lb. $8.49/lb.
Ham, Boneless $10.49/lb. $9.49/lb.
Jerky $32.99/lb. $24.99/lb.
Knockwurst $11.99/lb. $10.99/lb.
Liverwurst $11.99/lb. $8.99/lb.
Pepperoni $16.99/lb. $13.49/lb.
Pork & Beef Hot Dog $10.99/lb. $9.99/lb.
Pork Roll $11.99/lb. $8.99/lb.
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